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Would you like to make your home more energy-efficient? At Hot Water Nurse, our team can recommend and install a heat pump for hot water. By moving heat from hot spaces to cool spaces, our heat pumps reduce your energy expenditure, allowing you to save money in the long run.

Rather than bumping up your electricity bill, a heat pump for hot water will take heat from the surrounding air and use it to provide the temperatures you need. Depending on the type of installation we provide, this can decrease your energy use by 60%.

The benefits of using a heat pump hot water system

In addition to reducing your energy usage, your heat pump comes with the following benefits:

  • It acts as a dehumidifier. With the right type of heat pump, you'll reduce the humidity in the air. This then makes your HVAC more efficient and lowers energy bills further.
  • They work immediately. If you're sick of relying on a water heating system that takes a while to work, you'll enjoy the way your heat pump works instantly. For those who are leading busy lives, this makes jumping straight into the shower an experience which is much more comfortable.
  • They have a long lifespan. Unlike electric systems, they last as long as 20 years. This means fewer replacements and a cost-effective installation.

At Hot Water Nurse, our team installs heat pumps throughout Sydney. Before the installation process, we'll assess your current needs and determine whether a heat pump for hot water is appropriate for your home. If you choose to go ahead with the installation, you'll find that our team is always professional and efficient.

To learn more about using a heat pump hot water system, contact our team.