BOSCH Hot Water Systems

As always the name Bosch is known world wide for a company that manufactures & provides quality and reliable products, that is demanded from the German company.

Bosch has been delivering superior quality and highly efficient hot water systems for the harsh and ever changing Australian climate for over 60 year, you know that you can rely on the Bosch brand with their electric, gas and heat pump hot water systems which are at the forefront of energy efficiency and environmental compatibility, providing savings on running costs, while helping to preserve the environment.

Bosch are one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to gas hot water heaters and hot water heat pumps, which are extremely environmentally friendly with no lack in quality or pressure to you. Their durable hot water systems are backed by comprehensive warranties so you can rest assured that Bosch believes in their technology and the hot water models that they have available for our domestic and commercial properties.

Do you need BOSCH Hot Water System Repairs?

A hot water system is a common fixture in every Australian household and even trusted brands such as Bosch can become problematic. You may find that suddenly your hot water system is not working and you don’t have access to the on demand water that we have all come to expect!

Your first call should be to Hot Water Nurse, whether it is an electric storage system or a gas continuous flow Bosch hot water system our team can service and repair all types due to being both licensed plumbers and electricians. As a result, you only need to deal with the team at Hot Water Nurse for all your hot water needs and we even offer Fixed Price Repairs on BOSCH hot water systems!

Our team is experienced at solving all Bosch hot water problems such as:

    • Temperature Control Failure
    • Sacrificial Anode Problems
    • Gas Burner or Pilot Light Not Igniting
    • Peak & Off Peak Electricity Supply
    • Internal Malfunctioning
    • Circuit Breaker Tripping
    • Leaking Tanks
    • Not Enough Hot Water
    • Brown / Rusty Water
    • Lukewarm Water
    • Sudden Loss of Hot Water
    • Cloudy / Milky White Water
    • Gas Smell - (For more info on what to do if you smell gas click here)
    • Water Hammer
    • High Electricity or Gas Bill

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New BOSCH Hot Water Systems

If you're building a new house, renovating or looking at having your existing hot water system replaced rest assured that Hot Water Nurse can help. The installation of a hot water system often requires the experience and qualifications of both a licensed electrician AND a plumber. Our experienced hot water specialists are licensed and qualified to undertake plumbing and electrical work required to complete any hot water system installation and even offer a Fixed Price Installation Service!

Hot Water Nurse stocks a large variety of new hot water systems including electric storage BOSCH hot water systems as well as the BOSCH continuous flow systems. As a general rule, hot water system replacements should be done every 8 to 12 years – and if your hot water heater is significantly older than that you’re going to want to take the plunge so that you can leverage everything that new energy-efficient and continuous flow hot water systems have to offer.

BOSCH Fast Installation Service - Our team at Hot Water Nurse understands the importance of a speedy and efficient service when it comes to having a new hot water system delivered and installed which is why Hot Water Nurse stocks a large range of BOSCH models. Access to a wide range of stock ensures Hot Water Nurse can provide the fastest possible service Sydney wide.

BOSCH Free Delivery - When you deal with Hot Water Nurse there are no delivery fees or charges. Our team will deliver the new hot water system and have it install at the same time.

BOSCH Free Old Tank Removal - Recycling is an easy way to protect our environment and ensure the well being of our community for generations to come which is why Hot Water Nurse will remove your old system for FREE of charge and ensure it is recycled.

BOSCH Qualified & Licensed - Hot Water Nurse is proud of the work our team does. All work is carried out by our factory trained and qualified hot water experts. Hot Water Nurse does not employ sub-contractors or outsource any work.

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Like many of the manufacturers in the hot water industry BOSCH offers a variety of electric mains pressure storage hot water system models. The Electric Vitreous Enamel storage hot water models offer dual handed connections across the complete range which are suitable for internal and external installations unlike some other brands. The 80L to 400L models cater for different hot water needs and are built from durable vitreous enamel lined steel tanks which are suitable for all water types. The BOSCH Slimline design in 80L & 125L models available for greater installation flexibility in tight areas such as laundries. They are very well price in the market which includes a 7 Year Cylinder Warranty and a 2 Year Parts and Labour Warranty.

The BOSCH brand really leads the Gas Continuous Flow hot water system market in efficiency and quality. As you may not know Bosch has been delivering hot water to Australian and New Zealand households for over 50 years first Pioneering continuous flow water heating in the late 1800’s, Bosch have secured a name synonymous with quality and innovation that continues to drive the company today. The Bosch Gas Continuous Flow water systems are among the most economical hot water systems on the market today, boasting high energy efficiency ratings. Due to their excellence in energy efficiency,  Bosch hot water systems provide considerable savings on running costs today and help preserve the environment for tomorrow.

The Bosch heat pump which was developed in Europe and works essentially a refrigerator in reverse. A refrigerator creates and distributes cool air, while expelling the waste heat into the atmosphere. A heat pump works in the opposite manner, by creating and distributing heat into the stored water, and expelling cooled air into the
atmosphere around it. The system includes "smart controls" for user flexibility to control demand and running cost optimisation which can reduce energy use by up to 65%. The system can operate as low as -7°C to provide you with energy efficient hot water even when it is cold outside.

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